This next poem is the first in a 3-part poem inspired by a review, in the ARTFORUM magazine I’m cutting up, of a 2007 exhibition of the same name. The review, by Carol Armstrong, was not scathing, but neither was it gushing. BlogMain - 10

I want the prompt here to be: make a poem about something you actually care deeply about. Use white paint this time.

Paint on paper is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Look at the little “be” up there, how it just tacks into the white acrylic. You can completely white out the words, or leave them as ghosts. You can create layers and excavate even the erasure itself.

That is also how I feel about feminism. It should show its trail. It should destroy some language but leave reminders. It should ask questions. Most of all, it should be beautiful and rough.

A reader recently asked me why I don’t post full images on this site.
Answer: Because if I were to put everything up here for all to see, nobody would ever want/need to buy my work. I like publishing. I expect that I will publish some of these pieces in the future. I hope that is enough of an answer.

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