What is a girl to do?

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There we have it. The final Global Feminisms installment. I loved doing this 3-part poem. And to think, it was all because I found these pretty numbers. Had there been 4, it would have been a 4-parter. To me, that is the beauty of experimental writing.

Last Thursday in the Runestone publishing class (I teach the poetry section under Katrina Vandenberg‘s fantastic leadership), Katrina gave a couple of prompts to the undergrads out of Lynda Barry‘s book, What It Is.

Along with the two other Associate Editors, I sat very quietly following these prompts and filling pages. Now I’ve got all these words about mothers and cars.

Anyhow, the prompt from today is taken from the idea of keeping the pen moving at all times. Barry suggests drawing careful spirals on the opposite page whenever you feel the words stop flowing. How long? Until the words return. (It works. Try it.)



There are no pens in erasure, so what is the equivalent?

Prompt in Two Parts:

  1. Flip through whatever magazine is in front of you. Whenever a word or phrase pops out at you, clip it. Drop these clippings into a large container with a lid.
  2. In lieu of drawing spirals, pick these out at random until one is suitable inspiration for whatever you are currently working on. Incorporate into your erasure. It could be a title, a subtitle, or a line.

You might also create a similar container of images, which you could use the same way. I am less inclined to do this, but to each their own.


PS. Speaking of Runestone: our submissions are currently open! (We only publish undergrads, so tell your children and friends and teachers.)