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Global Feminisms

Part 3: The Achievements

What is a girl to do?

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There we have it. The final Global Feminisms installment. I loved doing this 3-part poem. And to think, it was all because I found these pretty numbers. Had there been 4, it would have been a 4-parter. To me, that is the beauty of experimental writing.

Last Thursday in the Runestone publishing class (I teach the poetry section under Katrina Vandenberg‘s fantastic leadership), Katrina gave a couple of prompts to the undergrads out of Lynda Barry‘s book, What It Is.

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Part 2: Museum of bad feminist art

Part 2 in the “Global Feminisms” series. Seven notes on the piece:

1    Red is necessary.

2    I got pregnant the semester before my final year of art school. Despite being 24 years old and married I still felt I had done something taboo and was ashamed of my rounding belly. At the same time, I could not have been prouder when I was anywhere but school.

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3    I took a Feminism class that semester and at the time knew nothing of feminism except that I wouldn’t call myself one and did not think it was necessary. In fact, I agreed with one of our early articles that called feminism dead. What did I lack that other genders did not, after all? Continue reading “Part 2: Museum of bad feminist art”

“Global Feminisms” Part 1: How many feminists

This next poem is the first in a 3-part poem inspired by a review, in the ARTFORUM magazine I’m cutting up, of a 2007 exhibition of the same name. The review, by Carol Armstrong, was not scathing, but neither was it gushing. BlogMain - 10

I want the prompt here to be: make a poem about something you actually care deeply about. Use white paint this time.

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