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November 2020

Burning Words: April

Hello there. Late on a Sunday night, and we won the election yesterday (I was and still am a Bernie-bird, but I really have a soft spot for Kamala, and am quicksand for humanity, so yeah: still celebrating), and I am drinking a modified Cosmo (it’s really just vodka and cranberry juice with a splash of bitters and triple sec), while binge-watching Suits and wishing I did not have to go to work tomorrow.

So: here is another of my favorite prompts. The Rearrange. The Mix it Up. The Word Scramble.

Find some words you like—a phrase or sentence—and chop it into pieces. Rearrange as desired. Easy as can be. Feel free to discard any words that are not needed.

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….What Will Be Told

Leftovers. After the previous poem used up so many beautiful single letters, I had in my possession quite a few scattered phrases and words. Metaphor for a person’s state of mind after creating? Perhaps.

So this week’s prompt is to:

Use your Leftovers

What this really means, in the context of a writing prompt, is—make some smaller poems and see if you can’t get them to work together. Like buttered peas, cheddar biscuits, and spaghetti.

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