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….What Will Be Told

Leftovers. After the previous poem used up so many beautiful single letters, I had in my possession quite a few scattered phrases and words. Metaphor for a person’s state of mind after creating? Perhaps.

So this week’s prompt is to:

Use your Leftovers

What this really means, in the context of a writing prompt, is—make some smaller poems and see if you can’t get them to work together. Like buttered peas, cheddar biscuits, and spaghetti.

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Paint Your Own Pictures

I am a pretty big fan of poems that allow the reader to make their own choices about how they should be read. So, that is what I’ve gone for here. Hence the title … do your own damn thing.

The full text of this poem reads: “Sing a song in 1989. I sing in June.”
This would be the most direct reading of this poem.
For the less obvious read, follow me.

paint-your-own-pictures-2Song 1989

I Sin Sing

Sin Son Gin

I sin gin in June

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