The internet is such a big place. Like the world. Above, you can see a real life connection through a chain-link fence. Come here to find links to (some of) the good internet stuff. To be included, contact me if you think you are (or know of) good stuff. Seriously. I’d love to include you here. So, send me your link!

note: this page is (always) in progress.

Links to friends, teachers, & writers

Mixtape (for your ears)

Aldous Harding: swell does the skull (VIDEO)
...and just watch all of her videos now.
Lil Buck & Yo-Yo Ma: swan (JOOKIN W/CELLO)
Jamaal May: sky now black with birds (SPOKEN WORD)
Tim Minchin: prejudice / aka ginger (MUSICAL COMEDY)
Cut Chemist: what's the altitude (TUNE)
Katie Makkai: pretty (SLAM)
Mansfield. TYA: you are the woman (TUNE)
Flume & Chet Faker w/Storyboard P: drop the game (TUNE W/JOOKIN) 
Burn my Bird: bob dylan (SPOKEN)
Scout Niblett: kiss (TUNE)
This American Life: archives (RADIO)
Amanda Palmer: Judy Blume (TUNE)