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November 2016


This week is all about the process, because making this page required more effort than any other page so far. I am going to actually give you a step-by-step for this, so you really can follow along if you like. The following is all one big prompt.


I found one nice, neat page in my magazine. This was originally a review of a series of boat building books. This allowed me to have 5 spots for poems. Continue reading “THE REAL MYSTIC’S MUSEUM of the One WATER, Volumes I-V”

“what you hear is a map of sound”

14-what-you-hear-1-1Today, a full page image/poem, meant to be a continuation of “bend and break in silence.”

For this poem I used a very simple process. I highlighted all instances of the word “sound” and then whited everything else out. I love using this technique because it lets you choose to leave some words only partly obscured, such as in the title image.

So, this is your creative prompt. Focus today on one word. Preferably a word that means something to you. Silence / Sound / Bend / Break. Continue reading ““what you hear is a map of sound””

silenced violence

(don’t) Bend and Break in Silence


What you need to know about today

Not justified. And I drove to the grocery store, the store I visit weekly, past the place where the flags and lights and tributes are still set up. Today, cameras. Today, voices. Today, news. But still, no resurrection.

Too many bodies. Too much silence. Too much broken.

Continue reading “silenced violence”

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