a gallery of controversys




Having spent the past two months caught up in a number of things that required that I abandon my sons to Minecraft.

Having woken in the middle of too many nights trying to shake the terrible feeling of complete domestic failure.


Having finished the first draft of my novel yesterday.

Having finally made Pasties from scratch.

Having missed my last two blog-Wednesdays.


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Another affair with Water

Another full spread image. These clippings almost give you the full effect. For this, I’ve used the same Stained Glass* effect. It is a style I’ve grown comfortable with.

blog - 8 (1)Simply find an image that has a lot of lines and begin cutting shapes or patterns away, using the lines as a guide.

Use rubber cement to place new colors or images behind the cut away. Voila: stained glass.

Major prompt: Incorporate a quote, an epigraph if you will — common in poetry.

For this piece, I’ve filled in a boat with the word “Water” floating in blue. And look, that W is not a W at all. It is an upside-down M! Wow, mom.  Continue reading “Another affair with Water”

Celestial Navigation

Number 7 is about image and sun and finding your own way and Bob Marley.BlogMain - 7Number 7 is the place where you should let your hair down, loosen your belt, drink a root beer, and free yourself from whatever preconceived notions you hold toward poetry, art, and writing.BlogSup2 - 7

Here is a photo of my work space. This is a piano bench. My piano bench does not contain music because I play by ear, or by finger, as shall be explained after the jump. Continue reading “Celestial Navigation”

Build Your Own Boat

What do you call a poem without words? A picture poem.


I considered putting words on the page but decided the absence said enough. To be honest, I am confident that I could read this poem aloud if I was forced to. Certainly, I could speak to why I believe in it.

Here are some explanations for this piece. Continue reading “Build Your Own Boat”

“The French word for scissors, is the plural of the word for chisel”

For the second poem, I decided to dip into the Artforum magazine in order to assure that this project does not go too boat-crazy. I could see how I might get too attached to the concept. This poem begins a secondary theme of dealing with the artifice of collage … or maybe I’ll end up with a little embedded series “for” artists I adore. It’s early days. Keep an open mind.

Blog - 2

If you are one of the three people following along <this is me winking at my mother> with this project as an instructional guide, the following is for you. Continue reading ““The French word for scissors, is the plural of the word for chisel””

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