This week is all about the process, because making this page required more effort than any other page so far. I am going to actually give you a step-by-step for this, so you really can follow along if you like. The following is all one big prompt.


I found one nice, neat page in my magazine. This was originally a review of a series of boat building books. This allowed me to have 5 spots for poems.

Step 1: Find a page you can work with.

This will preferably have a listing quality. This might sound hard to find, but trust me, they are everywhere.

Next, I read through the reviews many times and considered which words to leave intact and which to get rid of.

Step 2: Cut away the words you don’t want without destroying the framework.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense yet; you will fill in the blanks later.

Step 3: Glue it down.


Use rubber cement to stick this piece of paper (now with many voids) down onto another magazine page. This really is important, so play around with color here, and with form.

Now is the time to have fun and get as creative as you can. What you should have in front of you is a very confusing piece of writing. It is your job to make sense of it.

Step 4: Fill in the blanks.

15-the-real-mystics-3Find words wherever you can and do not be afraid to mix up your fonts and sizes. The example to the left contains only two additional words, “landscape,” and “multitude.” …And an “s.”

Notice how, sometimes, you have to leave little tags of paper so your framework doesn’t fall apart completely. Come back in later and paint / marker those extra words out.

Keep going in this way until you have a full page. I added a quote at the top of mine because I love it.

Step 5: Title and Finish

The continuity will be there because of the original page. A title can / will help ground the poems.