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death erasure
erasure #2 from Wobegon series

I used to have a website. It was hosted through a server. Now it is not. Now I have this.
Talk about rebirth as I slowly rebuild.

Cedar (Re)names Animals

A charming video from 2010 which Cedar will never live down.

Four Conversations with Cedar, age 3

no. one: The snake and the rock

me: Do you see that snake down there on the ground?
cedar: Yes. It is beautiful. We should not throw something at it.

me: That is true. We shouldn’t.
cedar: Because someone might find out.

me: Well. Maybe it just is not such a good idea. We could hurt it.
cedar: Yes. And somebody might get mad.

me: Really, Cedar, we just should not want to hurt the snake.
cedar: Yes. And someone might find out we did it because a rock would crush the snake.

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