Having spent the past two months caught up in a number of things that required that I abandon my sons to Minecraft.

Having woken in the middle of too many nights trying to shake the terrible feeling of complete domestic failure.


Having finished the first draft of my novel yesterday.

Having finally made Pasties from scratch.

Having missed my last two blog-Wednesdays.


I stayed up far too late on Tuesday night planning to make a collage in 30 minutes that ended up taking an hour and a half.

This page is messier than even I like. The black marker was meant to speed things up, instead it smeared when I rubbed excess rubber cement off of the page. On top of which, the cement didn’t like to stick to the marker.

PROMPT: Deal with it.

Or, as the lovely Deborah Keenan likes to say, get a grip.

Seriously, this week’s prompt is to stay up as late as it takes doing something you don’t even remember if you love anymore, in order to remember that you do.

If you require a real prompt, here it is.

  1. Flip through a magazine until you find a smallish article where a phrase is repeated a few times (ex: good mothers).
  2. Cut out the chunk of text.
  3. Glue it to a page.
  4. Now, without cutting anything away, play with it.
  5. Highlight all occurrences of the phrase.
  6. Add and subtract as you like.
  7. Try playing with different fonts and colors.
  8. Give it a title. (Or do this in step 2.)