For the second poem, I decided to dip into the Artforum magazine in order to assure that this project does not go too boat-crazy. I could see how I might get too attached to the concept. This poem begins a secondary theme of dealing with the artifice of collage … or maybe I’ll end up with a little embedded series “for” artists I adore. It’s early days. Keep an open mind.

Blog - 2

If you are one of the three people following along <this is me winking at my mother> with this project as an instructional guide, the following is for you.

On Erasure: You Have So Many Options

  1. Perhaps you want to clip individual words out like a ransom note.
  2. Or maybe you will use a [black or other] marker to remove the words you don’t want & leave the ones you do.
  3. You may decide to mix the techniques in a single piece.
  4. As you will see in the next post, you can forsake words all together.
  5. Or you could cut out the words you don’t want, leaving a gorgeous stained glass effect.

If I would give you one piece of advice at this point, it would be to choose a page or an article and stick with that for each page. The beauty of this form is in its limits.