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Here is a photo of my work space. This is a piano bench. My piano bench does not contain music because I play by ear, or by finger, as shall be explained after the jump.

pianobenchHere is a story: I started playing piano when I was quite young. A kind and terrifying woman named Marjorie taught me and my sisters. I did not understand notes and music. I labelled the notes 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 so I would know which finger to use. In this way, I got by.

[fast forward to 2007] I typed my middle son’s name into the piano keys: this was Oakley’s song. I typed his full name. I typed a message. I continued in this way until the name was gone and suddenly I discovered that I loved piano. I loved the sounds I could make without having those awkward pauses caused by the hunt-and-peck style I’d been forced to learn.

Even now I can hear my mother’s mumbling as she would hunt for the correct combination of notes (aka: chord). I used to beg her to play the few songs she knew by heart. It turns out, I don’t care how correct a thing is, only that it is confident.

Tada: today’s prompt is to disregard what you think you know and do what feels right.