Another full spread image. These clippings almost give you the full effect. For this, I’ve used the same Stained Glass* effect. It is a style I’ve grown comfortable with.

blog - 8 (1)Simply find an image that has a lot of lines and begin cutting shapes or patterns away, using the lines as a guide.

Use rubber cement to place new colors or images behind the cut away. Voila: stained glass.

Major prompt: Incorporate a quote, an epigraph if you will — common in poetry.

For this piece, I’ve filled in a boat with the word “Water” floating in blue. And look, that W is not a W at all. It is an upside-down M! Wow, mom. 

This is how we never allow the material to dictate our outcomes. That is not a metaphor for anything. Although, Water from Mater does seem like a metaphor: Water — Mater — mother — materfamilias — another affair with water.

More to the point, this image begins a new series within the series. I’m going to be honest with you: I don’t know where this is going yet. But everything about this image feels exactly right. Let’s see where it takes us… next Wednesday.

(PS: sorry I missed last Wednesday. Quite honestly, I was too busy assembling poems for my final portfolio to do a posting. But the semester just ended, so we are all good until the fall.)

*Want to know a secret? I began doing this stained glass thing way back in 1993 or so: high-school; some Christmas art contest; I remember a friend was happy I'd won; $50!; McDonald's; angels with trumpets.