That is not a typo. That is the name of a line of boats. Down in the basement of a local bookstore this weekend, my sons grabbed a 1984 copy of Wooden Boat and a 2007 copy of Artforum for collage. Thus began a new project. And with the new project, a direction (finally) for this blog.

Blog - 8

I’ll document the progress here as I begin with these two magazines creating a page by page, no editing allowed, collection of “picture poems” (my youngest’s term for collage), erasure, and poetry experiments.

I’ll include prompts from time to time. I’ll include process statements. I’ll include juicy tidbits from my kitchen table (that is my office).

If you’d like to follow along: grab an unused journal, a couple of magazines for cutting up, and choose a direction (aka: a title). Remember, outside of removing text with a marker or an X-Acto blade, editing will be very limited.

Here is an initial link for anyone interested in trying Experimental Poetry.
66 Experiments by Charles Bernstein

Check out The Poetry Foundation‘s section on “Visual Poetry.”
Visual Poetry at Poetry Foundatio