Here is the thing about experimental writing: It insists that you follow every impulse, no matter how vague. So, when you are flipping through your magazine and happen upon a line of boats each bearing the name CONTROVERSY, that would be an obvious sign.

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I admit, this is not my favorite poem thus far. But it has its moments. The title is killer and it introduces a theme. It is the first piece that makes me think something bigger is going on story-wise in the collection:

encounter |enˈkoun(t)ər|
verb [with obj.]
unexpectedly experience or be faced with (something difficult or hostile)

Prompt: Find a series in a magazine.
Think of all the things you might find: real-estate listings, wedding rings, a clothing line, new books, cars, wanted or personal ads, recipes … I could go on. These things are just ripe for the picking. So pick a series and collect its parts (at least 5). From time to time, include one of these poems in your notebook.

You might title them Live Your Dream #1, #2 … etc. (Doesn’t that sound like an ad for carpet?) Or they may each have a completely different title. BUT, find some way to tie them to one another, through theme, title, or subtitle.