I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. Experimental Poetry allows your writerly ego, go-to-themes & stories, and brain to take the day off. Otherwise, why would anyone write a poem called MYSTERY TO THE MAN?


On the other hand: Maybe you could write a hundred poems titled MYSTERY TO THE MAN. And another thing: Starting a poem with I BELIEVE may seem trite, but, there lies the beauty of this form. My ego had taken the day off and I momentarily forgot the word TRITE.


The second poem is called MEN OF THIS TYPE and is simply a further exploration of the first.

PROMPT: Let’s follow the above example, exactly.

Look through your magazine until you find a nice title-case title.
Cut it out and glue it to the top of your page.
Whatever it says, you must respond to it.
Your poem(s) must be a direct response to the title you cut out.
Do not allow your brain to accidentally switch on.
Go step by step, line by line.

In the above case, the two poems are a response to the main title, and the second poem is a response to the first poem.