On the left hand page, we have image.

On the right, words.

This quote and last post’s image come from an article in Artforum titled, TALKING ABSTRACT. What better excuse to delve into line and language?


1. Begin with a quote. I chose this:

intermission2 - 1

2. Cut it into lines.

intermission2 - 2

3. Cut each line into words.

intermission2 - 5

4. Scramble the words. Play with the words.

5. Create poems.

This is the easiest and the best. I highly recommend this exercise for those times you are feeling in need of a little break from your brain.

WARNING: do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by sense-making. Go with the flow. Let language get blown apart.

6. Arrange on the page.

intermission2 - 1 (1)