Aphrodite, Baby Bootlegger, Alexandria, and Mary. Four boats. Four good boats.


It’s more than a little funny how I’ve come to feel about the little black and white man featured in this gallery. I guess he must be the fish king himself, in his cozy sweater, with his mustache and curly hair. I can’t imagine he is the personification I would have chosen, but there he is nonetheless.

26 the fourth book of good boats - 2


À la Sesame Street, your prompt is the number four. Three (3) is so often the number we writers utilize. Today, I ask you to reach for one more. Whether it be four sections, or an ode to four itself, or simply four poems—four is your prompt.






I am so pleased that my hybrid poem, “Come Home” has been published by one of my all time favorite journals, DIAGRAM (@el_diagram). This poem is something of a love note to Garrison Keillor and multiplication. Thank you, Ander Monson (@angermonsoon).

Also, I think it is too cool that one of my favorite former teachers, Justin St. Germain, has a Warren G essay in this issue. Check out “Regulators.”