Today an image heavy post, with a sparse poem to accompany. In this case, I worked on the poem first, and then finished the image. Sometimes, certain words just pop out. In my case, it was “take care.”16-the-interrogation-of-the-ways-3

Also, never underestimate the incredible power of white paint piled against yellowed pages. For the image, I used what was there and added in some drawings of women being shaped. When the drawings were not enough, I added some black ink and water.



I want to urge you to think about the physical shape of your page. If you are accustomed to left aligned poetry, I would encourage you to consider the right margin. If you are a slave to the couplet, consider writing your poem in prose form. Allow your words to change as you slide them across the page. Of course, this is easier done with a literal word, cut out from a magazine, so if you are feeling awesome do this:

  1. Choose a smallish poem — one of your own.
  2. Find all the words of your poem in a magazine and cut them out.
  3. Play on the page with them.
  4. Glue them down when you are happy.

Sorry for the rush post… I am in a hurry to get my youngest two sons to the eye doctor.

What has five heads and twenty eyes?

My family.