Magazines are always filled with letters to the editor. In them, you will find some of the very best language. Seems a shame to waste all those Dears.

9 Letters - 2

In this case, the answer (above) was written first and then the question (below).

9 Letters - 3

As such, I cut the image to benefit the flow on the page, as below. 9 Letters - 4This is a very full page and if I were to do it again, I think I’d choose to break the question and answer onto two separate pages. Alas, this is the joy of the no-edit process.

Also, note my continuing devotion to the color red. 

Photo on 8-31-16 at 12.57 PM
PROMPT: Write a question to an entity or thing incapable of answering.

Then answer the question.

You decide which parts to use and which to leave out.