I am calling this prompt THE FOLDING TRICK.

The folding trick is a GREAT NAME and a simple prompt. But it does require that you already have a stack of cut-up magazine pages. So, if you do not have this, I am not sure what to tell you. Go back to the beginning of this blog and make some cut-ups? *Just kidding; we’ll figure it out.*

For this collage, I simply opened up my pile and grabbed the first thing I saw. Here is what that looked like:


Seriously! What a beautiful mess. Finding this beauty, I thought to myself, “Can it really be this simple? Can I get away with this?” Quickly, I answered, “Of course you can; it is an experimental blog, not a career.”

Without further ado, I give you the folding trick! But first, a photo of my husband, youngest son, and brand new dog watching squirrels out the window.


For the folding trick I ask you to find a picture in a magazine that is bold—very bold. The only requirement is that there must be text on the back of this page.

Step one: Frame up the image you would like to work with (I recommend about 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall) and fold the sides in (ON TOP OF) said image. I am afraid this will be taken as more complicated than it really is.

Here is a visual guide.



In image one, we fold the side over on top of the image. In image two, we have cut out what we don’t want and left behind what we do. You can honestly accomplish this however you like. Maybe slice each line individually and play them off each other. Maybe leave chunks of text.

Step two: Yes, this will be haphazard. Go with the unpredictability and GLUE these strips/chunks down on top of the image, preserving the folded edge, before you start to second-guess yourself.


Is a theme emerging? Flip through your magazine searching for a good title.

(unless you were lucky and one already presented itself in your beautiful mess)

Step three: Now, look at what you’ve got. What does it need? Add or cut away until you are happy. Add anything: more images, more words, paint, marker.

That’s it folks. Leave it alone. You are done.


Just remember: this really should be fun. Don’t let yourself get caught up in making too much sense.