Full Prompt Post today. Read on.

Step One: Find a little quote on a page. Honestly, I don’t even read the quotes I choose. I just choose for size. what-is-done-1.jpg

Step Two: Cut it out.what is done - 2

Step Three: Cut the quote into strips (lines).what is done - 1 (1)

Step Four: Organize the strips backwards, from bottom to top. Put the first line at the bottom, the next line above that, and so on until the quote is shuffled backwards.what is done - 3

Step Five: Glue the lines onto a magazine page. Use whatever you want as the background image.what-is-done-5-e1516202883638.jpg

Step Six: (above) Decide on a small phrase you can repeat. (I chose “What is Done?” because that was a title that jumped out at me, but also because when I tried those words in my head, it seemed like they would work.)

This will be your title. Place the first word at the beginning of the first line; second word at the second line; and so on. I would aim for 2-4 words, but do what feels right for your lines. You definitely want to repeat the phrase at least twice.

This is not an easy step. This is the difficult step. First, it is not so easy to find the words. Take a look at the below; can you find the word “done” on this page, which–by the way–is cropped so at least twice as easy to find? what is done - 1 (2)

Ugh. Point: be prepared. Eventually, I did resort to creating my final “done” ransom-style. Second, it is not easy to figure out how to make the sentences work. Rest assured; in the next step, you will be allowed to edit the lines.

Step Seven: Edit as much as you like! Use whatever you like to white out the words and feel free to add punctuation with a pen, and even a final line. How fun.