For this page, the eleventh in the “Another Affair with Water” series, I was thinking about congruity–especially across the series.


The title echoes the series’ title.

Visually, it relates to the Broken White poem.

Poetically, both are between satire and abstraction.

Thematically, both come at a time when I am once again defeated by anger and sorrow at the ever-growing list of murdered black men.

library-of-waterPrompt: This time, start with a title. Just a title. Find any title that feels good and title-y.

Now, with only that title in mind, flip through your magazine(s) until you find 3-4 images &/ passages. Use these, and only these, to create a poem.

Add paint as you will.




Runestone volume 2 is out. I was very happily the Associate Poetry Editor for this issue, so am especially smitten with the poems here. But the whole thing is very worth reading; don’t miss the editor’s note. The writing is fantastic and the student editors did really great work. Give it a look!