This “poem” relies on a list of tools to find itself… as it should.

At first, this seemed impossible. But as I stared at it and wondered why it insisted on being so boring, words began to appear that I had somehow missed at first.

Words like SPIRIT, LIGHT, RULE, and RABBET (a step-shaped recess cut along the edge or in the face of a piece of wood) came out of nowhere and suddenly there was some magic in that list. More importantly, there was an invitation for more.

This is one of those poems that threatens to be too insular, too in the writer’s own head to make sense to others, too abstract. I’m all right with that danger. To me, the fish king is a real thing and this is its poem.

And since I have, as usual, worked ahead… I know it will return.

Bonus process pictures:

And last of all, today’s prompt:

Please find a poem in a place a poem is not. Turn a list or recipe or (I am actually stumped as to what else you could use) into a poem. Take liberties with it, but preserve the original form. Once complete, the source should be clear.

If you feel this is too vague, consider a two-part poem. In the second piece you can clear up some of the vagueness and delve more deeply into story/narrative. At least that is what I do.